Owl Tote

I needed an excuse to make this gorgeous pattern from the Hat and I. . . and Amelia needed a dance bag.  I’ve learned my lesson from Zoe’s bag and used cotton this time.  Zoe’s bag is sagging so much I think I’m going to go back and redo the handles and add a cotton lining.


F Hook (furls) for the Owls

G Hook (furls) for the Hexagons

H Hook (furls) for slip stitching the hexagons together

Lion Brand Landscapes in Boardwark – 2 skeins for the Owls.  Yellow and orange sections for the noses.

Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in Pewter- 2 skeins for the Hexagons

Vanna’s Choice in White for the Eyes

16 buttons

Yarn needle that will fit through the button holes AND take yarn

Threader or three (I broke the two I had on the last button I threaded!)

Handles (I got these at JoAnn’s)


Owl Tote’em from The Hat and I.


I followed the pattern pretty closely with the following changes:

On the second or third round of the hexagons, I looped through the back of the owl ears so they didn’t stick out.

I sewed all the way around the eyes so they were attached more securely.

I’m not sure what I did wrong with starting the hexagons but the owls are a more slanted than they should be.


Zoe’s Dance Bag


Bag – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wrapped-ombre-tote-bag

Letters – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-moogly-crochet-alphabet



Caron Cakes in Rainbow Sherbet

I Hook (Furls) for the bag

E Hook for the letters and Mandala 


Made it a smaller by 1 set of 6 sts. 

84 sts around

Handles: placed markers at 11, 31, 53, and 73. Chained 50 for each handle. Try standing sc for the handles.