School Spirit Cardigan

I had a stash of Bernat Pop in our school colors that Amelia chose for this cardigan. When I started to run out, I panicked that I couldn’t find any more in stores … so ordered a whole bunch online. 


3 cakes (I think) of Bernat Pop in Moonshadow 

I hook (furls … then a metal one for the sleeves after I dropped my beloved furls hook on the tile and had to wait for a [free] replacement 😩)



I used the 6-8 year old version for my 9 year old who almost wears a size 10-12. She insisted on a shorter length sweater so I reduced the rows in the first section to around 42. Bernat Pop is a thicker yarn than the pattern calls for. Other than that I didn’t need to make any adjustments. I made each section 5 rows of each color which resulted in many loose ends but I can’t handle the mid row color changes so it was worth it to me. 
Thankfully Amelia loves it. Going so far as to insist she doesn’t need a coat when wearing it (I don’t believe her). 


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