Winter Fair Isle Hat

Fair Isle patterns have been catching my eye lately . . . and I kinda sorta need a new hat . .  . so instead of working my to do list this week, I made this hat.  It’s based off a knitting pattern and once I was beyond the point of no return, I remembered that crochet patterns with a single stitch diagonal line generally don’t work.  Maybe one day I’ll learn to knit so I can make these kinds of creations properly.


G Hook (Furls)

Lion Brand Heartland in Black Canyon (MC)

Lion Brand Landscapes in Coral Reef (CC)

Fake Fur

#5 Cotton Thread

Abbreviations & Notes

MC – Main Color

CC – Contrast Color

SC – Single Crochet

BLO – Back Loop Only

Ch. – Chain

St. – Stitch

SC2Tog – Single Crochet Two Together

When working in Fair Isle, float the yarn behind the stitches until it is used again.  If it won’t be used for more than 5 stitches, work it behind the middle stitch so it doesn’t get too loopy.  Don’t pull the floats too tight.  (I’m not quite sure how I feel about this technique vs carrying the non-used color under the stitches. It seems a bit messy to me.) 

When floating the yarn, keep the main color on top and the contrast color on the bottom when bringing them in and out of your stitches. Using them consistently will prevent the yarns from twisting. 


This hat was inspired by this free knit Bernat Mosiac pattern.  This was made to fit my large head. 


With MC chain 8

Row 1: SC in second chain from hook, SC across (7)

Rows 2-80: SC in BLO across (7)

Join ends with slip stitch across.

Body of Hat

Round 1: With MC ch1, work 90 SC evenly around the side of the brim, join to 1st st.  (90)

Rounds 2-13: Work the first twelve rows of the 18 stitch repeat of Chart I 5 times.  Ch 1 at the beginning and join to 1st st of each round.   (90)

Round 14: With CC, ch 1, SC around, join to first st.  (90)

Round 15: With MC, ch 1, (13 SC, SC2Tog) six times, join to first st.  (84)

Rounds 16-29: Work the first thirteen rows of the 12 stitch repeat of Chart II 7 times.  Ch 1 at the beginning and join to 1st st of each round.   Move the decreases (SC2Tog) marked in row 15 down to row 13.  (42 at the end of round 29)

Round 30:  With MC, ch 1, SC around, join to first st.  (42)

Round 31: Ch 1, (SC, SC2Tog) fourteen times. (28)

Round 32: Ch 1, SC2Tog across. (14)

Round 33: Ch 1, SC2Tog across. (7).  Fasten off with long tail to close.  With tapestry needle weave in and out of stitches in final round and pull tight to close.  Weave in ends and attach pom pom.

Pom Pom Pattern

I made a pom pom following this tutorial from KMT Creations.



School Spirit Cardigan

I had a stash of Bernat Pop in our school colors that Amelia chose for this cardigan. When I started to run out, I panicked that I couldn’t find any more in stores … so ordered a whole bunch online. 


3 cakes (I think) of Bernat Pop in Moonshadow 

I hook (furls … then a metal one for the sleeves after I dropped my beloved furls hook on the tile and had to wait for a [free] replacement 😩)



I used the 6-8 year old version for my 9 year old who almost wears a size 10-12. She insisted on a shorter length sweater so I reduced the rows in the first section to around 42. Bernat Pop is a thicker yarn than the pattern calls for. Other than that I didn’t need to make any adjustments. I made each section 5 rows of each color which resulted in many loose ends but I can’t handle the mid row color changes so it was worth it to me. 
Thankfully Amelia loves it. Going so far as to insist she doesn’t need a coat when wearing it (I don’t believe her). 

Diamond Stitch Baby Blanket in Bernat Pop

Bernat Pop in Blue Chambray

I Hook (Furls)



DC Foundation Chain 85. Aiming to measure a bit less than 30″ so it will be around 30″x35″ when completed. 

 Ch 2 at beginning of each row. Will not count as a stitch. 

Made this as a gift for Amelia’s 3rd Grade teacher who returns from Maternity Leave today. 

I steam blocked this using my iron. Roughly following this blog post.

Diamond Baby Blanket

This is one of my holiday projects. A baby blanket for the Prayer Shawl Ministry. 


F Hook (Furls)

Lion Brand Mandala yarn in Unicorn


I don’t like to have Ch3s at the beginning of rows so I started each row with a Ch2 and then a DC in the first stitch to replace each Ch3. 

I completed this over vacation and entered it in the Iowa State Fair. Got some good feedback Eventually it will make its way to church.