Begin the Beguine Square

I came across an interesting looking CAL (Crochet A Long) recently that I’m thinking about following along with. This “Begin The Beguine” square is the first square of an Afghan that is being created. I don’t have a need for an Afghan right now so I’m thinking of making them into pot holders. We’ll see how this goes. 

This is my first attempt with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton in Turquoise with an H hook. It turned out a little bigger than I would like and a little loose so I’m going down a hook size. 

This is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton in Aqua Sparkle with a G Hook. I like the tighter finish and we’ll just ignore the fact that 3% metallic polyester content probably isn’t a good idea for a pot holder. 

At the advice of many in the Facebook group for this CAL, I’m making the “join” in the corner rather than along one side. I experimented with different joining methods on the aqua Sparkle square and settled on working continuous rounds. After the first round I slip stitched over to the corner then at the end of each round I just start the corner with a SC and follow the pattern from there.


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