Lattice Caron Cake Hat



Lattice Hat (free pattern) by Sarah Arnold on Ravelry.


H hook. G hook for ribbing.


Row 22 did SC around instead of the FPDCs and BPDCs purely so the color change didn’t occur right at the front of the hat.

If I make it again I will go down a hook size as it’s on the large side for my massive head.

Both of these hats came from the same Caron Cake and I still have a fair amount left over. 


Jasmine Hat


I am somehow drawn to Russian patterns which makes deciphering them a bit tricky.  This one had videos though so after studying them for more time than I care to admit, I managed to make Zoe a new hat. . . now whether this will replace the $3 Doc McStuffins one she has from Target remains to be seen.

I followed these you tube videos:

Jasmine Stitch

Jasmine Stitch Hat

Jasmine Stitch Decrease


Caron Cakes in Bumbleberry (about 1/3 of a cake for this size)

F hook (my lovely Furls turquoise hook)

Measuring tape

Darning needle


I measured Zoe’s head at 19 1/2 inches.  Then made a chainless foundation DC row that stretched to that distance.  The had has ended up a little tight though so I would not stretch it quite so much next time.  I needed there to be a multiple of 3 stitches so I had 51 DCs to make 17 “stars” per round.

According to my trusty chart from Petals to Picots, this hat should be 7.25-7.5″ tall.  Each round measured 1″ and the brim measured 0.5″ so I figured I’d need 7 rounds. . . now I messed up and miscalculated my decreases so I’m planning on showing what I did with this hat and what I’d do next time.

This Hat:

3 rounds of 17 stars.  Count the centers of each flower in order to count accurately.

Round 1: Skip 2 DC between each set of petals.

Rounds 4+: To decrease, split the final petal between two holes.  I started out with one loop in the first then two in the second hole but I will do two in each hole next time.


Next Time:

3 rounds of 17 stars then:



I’m not loving the FPDC/BPDC brims that seem to be on all my hats lately so tried going back to the scallopped edge of one of the first hats I made for Zoe.

Join anywhere at the bottom of the hat with a slip stitch.  Ch 3, 2 DC in same DC.  *Skip 2 sts, SC, skip 2 sts, 5 DC in next st*.  Repeat from * to * around until reach the final three sts.  Skip 1 st, SC, skip 1 st, 2 DC in first fan.  Join with slip stitch to 3rd ch.


Christmas Cookies 2016

For the first time ever, I managed to start my Christmas cookie project in November this year!  Sure, it was November 30th but who’s counting.  And I got done by December 12th, so maybe December won’t feel so crazy this year. . . . yeah I know I’m delusional.  I’m glad to have these done anyway.

Tried out a few new cookies this year (Santa, lights and the gifts).  The Santa is an upside down cupcake cutter, Rudolph is an upside down gingerbread man.  The rest should be reasonably self explanatory.  I used a stencil from Flour Box Bakery for the Nativity Scene and stiff icing.  I have an airbrush on my Christmas list so I’m hoping that will work well with stencils for next year.  I have a couple of others that I’d like to use but they just weren’t working this year with the stiff royal icing.


Christmas for Grandma

Finally finished my Chris gift for my Mum tonight. Just in time for us to celebrate tomorrow (road conditions permitting).

The hat is the same paid pattern I used for Amelia. I made the adult size with an I hook and I’m hoping it’s not too big (it fits me but I have a big head and masses of hair). If/when I make it for another adult I’ll go down a hook size.

Tres Chic Hat

I hook

Lion Brand Landscapes in Desert Spring

Flower (pattern is a part of the paid pattern linked below) Lion Brand Landscapes in Sage

Button from Michaels or JoAnns. Here’s a picture of the back of the package.


Paid Pattern by The Hat and I

Slip Slope Scarf

K hook

Lion Brand Landscapes in Desert Spring

Free pattern by Vashti Braha

My biggest tip for this scarf is to crochet looser than you think you’ll need to. It’s much easier to deal with all the slip stitches that way.

Favorite Things Infinity Scarf

My MOMS Club has a favorite things exchange at our holiday party next week so I figure I’ll use it as a pooling excuse and make an infinity scarf. I took advantage of a bigger JoAnns near the inlaw’s on Black Friday so have some lovely new colors of Lion Brand Color Waves to play with. I’m addicted. This is Prairie Sunset. 


Lion Brand Color Waves in Prairie Sunset

J hook


Stitch count: 2 Turquoise, 3 eggplant, 2 peach, 3 pink, 3 lavender . 

And a few weeks later… here’s the finished product. It’s a good feeling when your gift gets “stolen” the max of three times during a gift exchange.