Next Project: Zoe’s Doc Blanket

I’ve been wanting to try a Corner to Corner (C2C) blanket for a while.  Now Amelia has her blanket, Zoe (3) has been asking me multiple times a day when her blanket will be done.  Poor girl doesn’t understand the concept of MONTHS yet.  So far it’s been a learning experience and a bit trickier than I thought but I’m starting to get the hang of it.


Materials: (Vanna’s Choice Yarn)
F Hook

Inspired by these pictures


Owls in a Tree Blanket

Amelia (7) helped me design this blanket for her twin bed.  It is an amalgamation of a few patterns linked below.  This is completed in Single Crochet with an F Hook (although I crochet with little tension so for “normal” crocheters it may be more like an H hook).  I learned a lot about graphs, colour changes and bobbins.  I’m planning on adding a border but Zoe (3) is insisting I work on her blanket so that’s taking precedence for now ;).Please note that this is an untested design and I don’t claim to be an experience pattern designer.

Materials:  (Vanna’s Choice Yarn)
White (dyed with glow in the dark acryllic paint using this method – – for the stars and moon
Navy – sky
Raspberry – bottom left owl, hearts
Aqua – letters & top owl
Eggplant – right owl
Oatmeal – inside of owls
Black – owl eyes
Silver Heather – tree
Orange (from my stash) – owl beaks
F/5-3.75mm Hook


I actually just did 3×3 squares for each of the stars as this X design did not work well in SC.
I highly recommend using bobbins.  These are just small ones I picked up from Target but I’ve since purchased the huge ones you can find at Dollar Tree.  They should make for less knots when the bobbins run out.  I also learned to change color every time there was a color change more than a couple of stitches.  It made for a much cleaner finish without carrying yarn across different colors, especially with the big difference between the Navy and Silver Heather.

I experimented with a few different joining techniques but settled on this one by the end of the project.  I only used it when joining two strands of the same color though.

Owl –
Tree –
Alphabet –

You are welcome to sell what you make from this pattern, but please link back to this blog to credit the pattern.